• European BikeTrial Championship 2016 - Bolotana, Sardinia, Italy

  • European Cup 2016 First Round - Elton - UK the 15th May 2016

  • the new MAJOR category

  • BikeTrial 2016 calendar

European Cup 2016 Trophies

Works for the organization of the first round of the BikeTrial European Cup 2016 are in progress in Elton. The…

European BikeTrial Championship 2016 - AGENDA

The European BikeTrial Championship 2016 will be held in Bolotana, Sardinia Island, Italy the 18th June 2016. The Organizer, ASD…

European Cup 2016 - United Kingdom

  With this article we officially open the new BikeTrial 2016 season. The first competition of the year will be…

The new MAJOR category

As provided by the BikeTrial Technical Rules 2016, the current 25th BikeTrial season's will see in action, for the first…

BikeTrial 2016 Calendar

Here you can read the official BikeTrial Calendar 2016. United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria and Catalunya will be the…

Elton (UK)
15th May 2016



Calendar 2016

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