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WBC 2014 - Calendar

Dear BikeTrial Friends,

the first draft of World BikeTrial Championship 2014 calendar is ready. We will have three races, in Spain, Catalunya and Czech Republic. Te three competition will be close, in time order, to encourage the participation of foreign drivers.
The WBC 2014 will be open to all Riders with BIU License 2014.

The WBC 2014 unofficial calendar is:

11 May 2014 START ENTRY LIST (8 weeks)

13 July 2014 FINISH ENTRY LIST (8 weeks)

Round Date Place Nation
1 09 -10 August 2014 Bueu SPAIN
2 16 - 17 August 2014 Odena CATALUNYA
3 23 - 24 August 2014 Tanvald CZECH REPUBLIC

Thank to Rafael de la Torre, BIU Spain, Bueu Town Council for his support in Spain, 

thank to Josep Abant, Union BikeTrial Catalana, Odena Town Council and OCI Sport for his support in Catalunya,

thank to Lukas Burianek, BikeTrial Czech Union, Tanvald Town Council and Trialsport Club Tanvald for his support in Czech Republic.


Best regards,

Giuliano Gualeni BIU

Vice President

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