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WBC 2014 Second Round - ODENA Catalunya

Odena Saturday 2014

The 15th and 16th August 2014 was held in Odena, Catalunya, the second round of the World BikeTrial Championship 2014. Compelling competition in the original land of BikeTrial, the land of the more big champions of this Sport. The competition was organized very well from BikeTrial Union Catalana and OCI Sport with the full help of the City of Odena. As tradition in the World BikeTrial Championship the sections was very strong and technicals and in the end the winner was the best BikeTrial riders of the world in the respective category without any doubts.

During the first day of competition, the Saturday, Andorra take a important victory in the Poussin Category with the young Rider Joshua Lestand Caubet, United Kingdom was able to proudly sing the National anthem with Adam Morewood winner in Benjamin and the same for Catalunya with Domènec Llado Comas in Minime. Femine category was for Laura Donate Casilla and the new important category, Elite Femina, was conquered by Ms. Gemma Abant. The first day in Odena finish with a great Wecome Ceremony in the Sport Center of Odena with the presence of all authorities of the City.

A red-hot Sunday in Odena for the competitor of the A Group, with the protagonists of the first round ready to combat for the more high steps of podium. Arvis Dermaks show a very cool personal style in this competition and the first place in Junior Category is for him today. All the City of Odena acclaim the local rider Bernat Seuba Romeu which does dont lose the opportunity to show all his capacity to his fans: first place for him in Senior Category ! The lion Raul Gutierrez Garcia combat with a very determinated Rafael Tibau Roura in the Elite but the great riding tecnique of Vaklav Kolar give him, in the end, the victory in the more important Category of the WBC. Great competition for all participants today in Odena.

Thanks to the City of Odena, to BikeTrial Union Catalana and OCI Sport for this event. The place was very good with all needed service and great organization. Thank to all volunteers and worker involved in this big event. Thank a lot for this job !

Now the great "International BikeTrial family" move to Tanvald where Lukas Burianek and BikeTrial Czech Union prepared a perfect venue for the last and decisive round of this amazing World BikeTrial Championship. The final winner still open till the end in all Categories: will be really a big challenge. Not to be missed: See you in Tanvald the 24th and 25th August 2014 !




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