Wednesday, 05 November 2014 19:26

Josef Dressler new video

JD Video 2014

Here the last message from the BikeTrial World Champion Josef Dressler. We are happy to publish this beautifull video.

Enjoy with JD !


I would like to send you my new video to show that Im still riding bikes; Josef Dressler's new video: One Day

Short clip to show how to enjoy a single day with bike in Ore mountains. This is how I and Rob Trnka see bike riding. Rob Trnka is a photographer who works with Brian Lopes and Shaun Palmer. It is a joy to work with him.

We planned to shoot a short clip. Nothing complicated, no special effects, just a simple camera. Few shots to motivate you to get behind the bars and the clip ends even before you take a deep breath. We met in the beginning of October and enjoyed a great day in "Rob's" mountains.
I loved to ride there, sometimes (quite a lot) I crashed and Rob was loughing. And this is what he saw. Enjoy that too!

Josef Dressler

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