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WBIC 2015 the results

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The World BikeTrial Indoor Cup is back in Barcelona for the second time, the 3rd of October 2015, in the amazing location of the water falls Montjuic square. The competition was organized by the "Club Ot Pì de BikeTrial" and BikeTrial Union Catalana with the direct collaboration of the Ajuntamento de Barcellona, Generalitad Catalana and Esport Cat. It's not easy to describe how much is great and beautifull this location in the center of the Catalan's capital and how much was compelling this competition. Thank to the organizer and to the City of Barcelona for this great event.

After a short meeting with Jury the 8 selected Riders start the first phase of the competition, the semi-final where the 3 best riders gain the possibility to play the second part. Start, in the ordern Nicolas Vallèee from France, Rick Koekoek from Netherland, Stefan Eberharter from Austria, Rafael Tibau and Armand Molla from Catalunya, Ansis Dermaks from Latvia, Ben Savage from United Kingdom and Vaklav Kolar from Czech Republic. The young frenchman Nicolas show a great determination, with a good and modern riding style, which drive him directly in the second phase of the competition with Rick Koekoek and Vaklav. Good performance from all the participants keep the show to very high level of attention till the end, helped also from the very high level of this good 4 first sections.

In the final all rider arrived at the last part of the competition with a short penalty distance and was the section 6 to determinate the final result, Vaklav Kolar ride with balance above the wooden trunk and grab the outright. Vaklav Kolar is the winner of the World BikeTrial Indoor Cup 2015.

At the end of the competition Dani Comas take a new BIU Record with a spectacular jump on a ramp over 2,70 meter high, a report will be published soon.

BikeTrial International Union say thank to all participants, to the Organizer, the Club Ot Pì de BikeTrial, to BikeTrial Union Catalana, to Ajuntamento de Barcelona and Esport Cat for this day.



Position  Rider  Nation    Lap 1 Lap 2
1  Vaklav Kolar Czech Republic Czech Republic  4  4
2  Koekoek Rick Netherland netherlands  5  8
3  Nicolas Vallèe France France   7  9
4  Tibau Rafa Catalunya catalonia   7  -
5 Mollà Armand Catalunya catalonia 9  -
6 Dermaks Ansis Latvia Latvia   10  -
7 Savage Ben United Kingdom United Kingdom 13 -
8 Eberharter Stefan Austria  Austria 14 -





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