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Interviews - Stephane Ceccarelli Featured

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Today we have a little bit different interview. Today we speak with a 49 years old guy who decided to do… A World Championship!
Since 2016, BIU has introduced the category “Major”, reserved to all "over 35 y.o." riders and give the chance also to the "old guys" to keep their passion alive and, why not, go back to racing.
We're curious to understand the point of view of one of them: Stephane Ceccarelli from France. I saw him during the WBC in Pujalt and I was impressed about his spirit.
So, let's start!

Hi Stephane! Glad to hear you! Let’s start with an introduction. Tell us something about you.

Briefly, I'm 49 years old. I'm the father of three sons and married to Celine. I've been working in the bike world for a long time. We live in the south of France.
I go a lot by mountain-bike, bmx, road bike and trial. Trial is a lifestyle for me, I try to practice it every day.

When did the passion for BikeTrial start?
When I was young I was interested in the mototrial. Later, discovering the mountain-bike, I did my first races. It was 1992 and Bruno Fernandez organized the first French trophy of moutain-bike trial.
I still have that bike: a Cannondale M600.

Have you competed in other races in the past at a national and international level before this WBC?
I competed in several national trophies, but I was much younger!

So, WBC 2017 was your first one.
Absolutely, but not the last one. I plan to go to next editions with the whole family, like last year.

The French Team in Pujalt

Wandering through the sections, I relized that you had a lot of fun. You were there with the whole family. How was this experience agonistically and personally?
Agonistically it was very difficult! But it's also normal, it was a WBC and not a local race. In my opinion the sections were very interesting and with different grounds.
The other riders have a very good level and an excellent spirit. On a personal level it was a beautiful human adventure. We spent a wonderful week with my family. Everyone wants to come back! 

I'm glad for that. Actually this is the most important thing at last. Now I'd like to ask you a couple of questions about trial in general.
In the last years there is a tendency to train and compete on artificial obstacles. Big jumps, big gaps instead of natural grounds that, maybe, are less visually spectacular, but very demanding from a technical point of view.
Is it just a my idea, or do you have this impression too?
It's true for me too. Today the priority is the show. But in the mototrial, they manage to do both, so why not to do the same with bikes? I like the artificial obstacles, but the natural ground is the basis of the trial. Thanks to the BIU of preserving this.

7. Every time I read an interview to a rider of every level, the key words I read more and more often are: "Media". "Sponsor". "Show".
There's nothing wrong also because, without sponsors, it is difficult to organize races or compete at the highest level. However,
I hardly read about competing also for a life experience, being with friends and people with the same passion, visiting places and understanding different cultures, teaching children the values ​​of sport and life. It seems that the only goal is the final result and the material and "visual" return that you can get. What do you think about it? Do you agree or I have a too much idealistic view of the sport?
In my eyes, the best result is first of all human and the memories we keep forever. Sometimes we do not remember the name of the winner, but we remember the adventure we lived. My sponsor is my wife!

8. If you want to add something that I did not ask you, but you would like to express, write it here!
I tell to those who want to try the WBC adventure next year, to have no doubts. We come back different. Happy to have shared a great moment. And do not forget, keep riding!

Steph, thank a lot for this interview. Say "ciao" to all your family. See you to the next WBC in Sardinia!


Finally, we don’t forget that Stephane is the author of the wonderful article on about WBC 2017.
And here a photoshot of Steph and his family during the races.
And here again a really funny video. I do suggest not to missi it!

See you soon, guys.

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