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Terchova ... another perfect day ! Featured

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Terchova EC 2018 Podium

The first round of European BikeTrial Cup 2018 was held Saturday 28th April 2018 in Terchova, Slovakia with the presence of 92 Riders from 7 nations

Terchova City have a natural vocation to host great BikeTrial events and also this time confirm this predisposition. The Organizer do a great job in this perfect location, sections was builded by Laco Janoska and the work team of SlovTrial Club, organizer of this event, in a perfect 100% BikeTrial natural style.  No pallets, no concrete, nothing artificial obstacles: Only great natural sections where Riders can find the best way and solution to ride with balance and ability, as is the original BikeTrial spirit. 

Is great to know Slovakia return to be protagonist in BikeTrial family, SlovTrial Club wich will be part of the new entity will drive BikeTrial Original Sport in this Nation with new enthusiasm and great passion, all what we need for our Sport. BikeTrial must be simple, must be for all Riders, must be natural; as was this perfect competition. SlovTrial Club demonstrate what is possible do with 2 simple ingredients: Passion and work. Thank you Slovakian's friends !  We wait news about the return of BikeTrial Slovakian Union with new energy, new Committee and new Clubs ready to work togheter. Let's work ! 

Terchova City was officially part of the Event with the presence of Mr. Ing. Marian Zajac, the town offer a ideal solution for our competition with great space for paddock, services and his special natural environment with great stones perfect for our Sport. Terchova is part of a National Park and all works to build section was held with attention to respect the natural environment. 

First competitor started at 10:00 to address the 7 sections (Group B) or 8 section (Group A) to repeat 2 times. The discreetly long transfer allowed to avoid queu in the firsts section and "speed sections" (one minute only) was test in a official international BikeTrial event for the first time with success. Hobby categories and Promesa (for National Czech Championship only), Poussin, Benjamin, Major, Minime, Femine, Junior, Senior, Elite they alterned on the start with order, thank also to the organizative experience of Czech BikeTrial Championship present here as first event of the season. Thank to Vladimir, David, Jiri and all Czech Team for his important presence: A good example of collaboration: Thank you guys. 

Sections of this first round of European Cup 2018 was really good, characterized by a white limestone and undergrowth. First section close to Juraj Janosik monument's and followers into the River. Very good weather conditions favorit the correct performance of the event. 

The official winner of the day is Vaclav Kolar, the World BikeTrial Championship rode on this section with his particular elegance and beautifull slight style, but we like to talk about this competition as a "whole success" for all participants: From the presence of Germany (thank you German Riders for the return, no "European" event without you), for the presence of Poland with a new enthusiast Team allow us to know new friends from Europe (we hope Poland return soon with us and ... we want come in Poland in the future !! let's work toghter ! ), for the great Team from Latvia leds by Dermaks brothers (thank to you and Kristaps), for the long trip from Italy of the Minime category's winner Diego Crescenzi (1380 Km), for McParland family from United Kingdom and his podium in Benjamin, for all Riders and Observers from Czech Republic that have been integral part of the success of this event (thank you, thank you, thank you) and to all Riders, families and workers from Slovakia: This is the beginning of a new era for BikeTrial in Slovakia, the example of how is possible leave out the controversy and find new positivity and joy. 

Thank to Terchova City, thank to all Riders, Observers, Organizers, Parents and all people involved in this .... perfect BikeTrial day ! 






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