Sunday, 16 June 2019 07:57

EBC 2019 - Brumano wait you!

Some news about next European BikeTrial Championship that will run the 30 of June 2019 in Italy, in Brumano. Here you can see the amazing video by Mr. Gianluca Orfino shot during the hard work done in the last weeks to prepare sections and all things needed for this competition. 

Saturday, 15 June 2019 07:30

EBC 2019 ... do you know this guy?

Do you know this guy?


Luca Berizzi is one of the example of how can be strong the "passion for BikeTrial". He is on work with many other person to create a perfect competition in Brumano, Italy, for the European BikeTrial Championship 2019 the 30 of June.

Tuesday, 04 June 2019 08:50

EBC 2019 visit Bergamo!

Take your time and visit one of the most beautifull place in north Italy: Bergamo.

European BikeTrial Championship 2019 will be place in Brumano, in Bergamo Province, very close to Orio Al Serio - Milano Bergamo (BGY) airport. Do not miss the possibility to visit this amazing place very close to EBC 2019. 

Tuesday, 04 June 2019 07:27

BikeTrial license 2019

In the Countries where BikeTrial Delegate is NOT present is possible obtain BikeTrial licenses directly issued by BikeTrial International Union. This procedure is valid only where BIU is not officially present with a Member or Affiliated Member. If you want take part in the European BikeTrial Championship 2019 and/or World BikeTrial Championship 2019 but you don't have BikeTrial License, you can ask to have it directly from BIU.

Next European BikeTrial Championship 2019 will be held in Brumano, Bergamo province, Lombardy Region, ITALY, the 30 of June 2019. Let'go to descover all information about this very important event !