BikeTrial National Union

BikeTrial National Union Membership is open to the National sport organisation who primarily aim at promoting the BikeTrial International Union Sports.

The BikeTrial National Unions of BIU, hereinafter as BNU, are the BikeTrial national unions or any other organization that manages the BikeTrial activities in its country in the representation manner according to the BIU Statutes. All countries of the world can be represented in BIU, but each of them only by a single union or national organization.

Every BNU accepted as the BIU member is the only organization empowered to execute the BIU rights defined in the BIU Statutes, technical rules and resolutions in its country.  Every BNU has the right to execute this authority as long as it is the BIU member or until it is excluded.  Every BNU has the right to participate in the General Assembly meetings and may use its voting.

Being accepted as the BIU member, BNU accepts the BIU Statutes, regulations effective at the time of joining BIU without any reservations in its behalf and in behalf of its members, including any rules and decisions, BIU may render in the future.


BikeTrial National Union 2014 Membership.

All BIU Members must confirm his volition to represent BIU with a formal act.

BIkeTrial National Union can be already present in your country. If you are not in contact with their or BIU it's not represented in your country you can follow this procedure.


  • Compile Module 2014.A.
  • Copy all needed documents listed in Module 2014.A
  • Pay the yearly BIU Membership fee of € 200,00.


The payment of the BIU Membership fee it’s a very important legal fact (before than one economic fact), because will be the “seal”, the “signet”, over the agreement between you and BIU. Between BIU and his represent in the world. This agreement will give you the right to represent in your Nation and/or your competence’s Area, the BikeTrial, the Push BikeTrial, the Blind BikeTrial and Nature Ride sports.


Module A, compiled in English with capital letters should be sent in one single mailing and in two formats:


  1. In paper file to be sent to:  

BikeTrial International Union

General Secretary Office

Via Manifattura, 4

25041 Darfo Boario Terme


  1. Electronic file to be sent to    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Needed Documents

You can download all needed documents from BIU Archive section on this web site or click on bottons here below. 

Module 2014.A

for all information write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.