Josef Dressler

BikeTrial International Union regrets to announce that Mr. Josef Dressler Senior, 69, passed away yesterday night after his fight against heart disease.

Josef Dressler was long-time leader of Czechoslovak and Czech biketrials. He was also one of the BikeTrial International Union founders, the first BIU President, father of World Biketrial Champion Josef Dressler Junior and organizer of national and international biketrial competitions and events.
We will let you know when we have any details about the funeral service. The BIU wishes to pass on their deepest sympathy to Josef's family and friends.

Here is a message from Josef Dressler Junior:

There are days when even a grown man cries. Six months ago my dad was at my book launch ceremony and was the first person to read it for me.
Everything I did, he was there behind me, even when he wasn't visible. He was there with me through all my successes and for all of my decisions. He built my first go-cart, my first trials bike, rebuilt a lorry into a motorhome, welded our car together, fixed it on our journeys, managed to arrange our trip abroad for the World Championship under the Communist regime, fixed anything for me at any time, always showed me the way to go, always stood by me.

There was nothing he couldn't do… except overcome his illness, even though he fought it to the last. Yesterday night his diseased heart stopped. Anyone who loved my father or who was helped by him, a pioneer of biketrials in Czech in the early days, and anyone who has been inspired by me, for which all thanks must go to him, my dad, please raise a glass in remembrance and come to say your farewells.
Josef Dressler