Libor JosefMr Josef Dressler senior left us.

Fifteen years ago, when I was beginning to take part in BikeTrial competitions as the father, coach and minder of my son Jan, I also began meeting Mr Josef and his wife Hana, as a father who has come to have a look at his son â Josef junior.
Mr Dressler always seemed like a man, who was not put off balance by any success or failure of his son and at that time I wished to be able to stay on top of things like he did, when my son will be competing. And at that time Josef Dressler junior was competing for a world title in a professional category. I was a father of a Poussin rider and every little rock in the section was a danger for me. I never got that detached view of Mr Dressler and was always strongly immersed into the riding of my son and his friends.
When the time came to help BikeTrial in Czech and then also in Europe, I tried to help. Because of Mr Josef and Pedro Pi I realised that this sport will only exist, when there will be parents of riders willing to help the national and international community as volunteers and not only take care of their own and their family's interests. This is genetically part of our sport and these genes where given to it by the founders of BikeTrial â€" Mr Pedro Pi, Hiroshi Hirano and Mr Josef Dressler.
I am glad that even today there are successors of these people. But to be true, there is too few of us. Right in this season we need to find new volunteers amongst the parents of our riders, which will become a part of the European and World BikeTrial leadership and will be willing to work for the community. Their rewards are satisfied faces of young riders and the respect of the BikeTrial community. We need new and determined people into national and international posts in BikeTrial. We need people like Mr Josef Dressler was â the first president and founder of BIU. Without him and others, today's riders would not have the chance to travel with their bike all around the world and do their loved sport surrounded by their family and friends. Mr Josef Dressler, you have my deepest respect for what you have done for all past, present and even future Biketrial riders and their parents all round the world. You were all the time until your last season the best example of our motto: BikeTrial - our sport forever.

Honour to your memory!

Libor Musil
President of the EBU