My dearest Mr. Josef Dressler Senior,
I am in the deepest sorrow since I heard about you have passed away. We have known each other since 1988.
Our world has been changing a lot since then but my respect to you will be never changed. I respect you as a BIU founder, as a father of Josef that one of greatest riders in our sport and as a husband of your loving wife who supported you for a long time.
 You did so many good things for the sport with your passion and your talents. And you have supported me when I hosted WBC in Japan for the first time. I will never forget about your friendship and my deepest gratitude toward you.
 I could not make the time to talk with you many things deeply until now and I know it is too late. I am so sorry about it.
I hope we will have enough time when I meet you there again. Until the time, please watch us and guide us to the right way. I hope your soul will be released from pain and filled with happiness and peace in the heaven.
 Please forgive me that I am not able to attend to the ceremony.
 Again, thank you! Mr. Dressler…
Sincerely yours,
Hiroshi Hirano
BIU president