BikeTrial Bueu 01 

The first round of the World BikeTrial Championship 2014 was held the 10th August 2014 in Bueu, Galizia, Spain.

The organizer, Moto Club Aldan, prepared, for the 75 registered Riders, 8 sections for Group B and 10 sections for Group A on the rock of "Cabo Udra" in front of Atlantic Ocean. Very good place for BikeTrial with big rocks, great grip and many type of path. The City of Bueu welcomed very well the competitors in a very good parade and the with presence of local authorities and many people to acclaim the Riders. Camping was placed in 1 km from the center of the town and section was in 5 km. For this reason had a special bus service from Bueu to Capo Udra and return.

In the Friday, during the official Jury on section, weather condition was very bad, with a very choopy sea and for this reason some section was corrected. During the competition of the Group B, the saturday weather condition was very better and section was good but slightly easy. The competition was however good and all Riders has had the chance to express themselves at their best. In the end of the first day the winner was Jordi Lestan Caubet from Andorra in Poussin, Nagasama Masuda from Japan in Benjamin, Domènec Lladò Comas from Catalunia in Minime and Gemma Abant Condal from Catalunya in Elite Femine, the new category present in WBC for the first time in this competition.

Sunday was the time for the competitors in Group A. They start under a persistant rain continued for the first part of the competition. Weather condition during the day was very hard with rain and wind, weird weather to be in August ! But these conditions make it even more honor to all the Riders than take part in this hard event played on the rocks of Cabo Udra. The competition was hard in all the categories and the best was Arvis Dermaks from Latvia in Junior, Bernat Seuba Romeu from Catalunya in Senior and Vaclav Kolar from Czeck Republic in Elite in a passionate challenge with the seasoned Spanish rider Raul Gutierrez: only one point of difference in the end.

Award ceremony was organized in the center of Bueu and many people was present at the ceremony to enjoy with the winners and with all Riders presents in this very good even.

Thank a lot to the City of Bueu, to Moto Club Aldan and to BikeTrial Union Espanola for this competition.

Special thanks to all those the over 100 volunteer people that made possible this event.

We hope to return in Galizia !