Biketrial Vision Schema EN

The final competition of the three round BikeTrial World Championship 2014 was held on the weekend 23rd and 24th August 2014 in Tanvald.

Tanvald’s rocks and woods were a very beautiful place for riders and the facility of the camp was an ideal place for the general assembly meeting with the goal to approve a new vision for the year 2015 and beyond. All members nations present approved the proposed vision with a very positive message for all riders, minders and the fun of BikeTrial. The presidium has started a three months work program to prepare and finish all the necessary projects for the Sport season 2015.
General Assembly Tanvald 2014The basis of this vision is the promotion of BikeTrial as a fully fair play and family sport which takes place on natural sections. The presidium shall prepare a proposal of rules and constitution modifications which improve the conditions for fair play and become the basis and core for all BikeTrial activities. Riders can expect in 2015 that the BikeTrial world championship will mainly be in one place with two rounds of competition. The idea is to organize youths categories on Wednesday and Friday and Elite Femina, Junior, Senior and Elite on Thursday and Saturday. This allows riders and minders to spend less time of their vacations, less travelling costs and more time all of all the competitors and families together in one place. Another modification is in Elite and Senior category which will be opened for everybody and have separate categories for 20” and 26” wheel size. One of the most important modifications of the World Championship are international observers with special training in advance and an international organization committee which will guarantee a high level competition.
The presidium has received requests from three candidates to organize the BikeTrial World Championship in 2015. Candidates are from Spain - Odena and Vigo and the very well known candidate from Czech Republic. The presidium will approve and publish the date of the WBC competition by end of September 2014 and the place of competition will be announced by the end of November 2014. All members of the general assembly expect that this earlier publication of the date and place will help riders to arrange their participation in the event.
All member nations approved the next meeting towards the end of this year. One of the reasons of this meeting is to open communication between nations and to prepare the best BikeTrial World Championship in 2015 with invitation to current, former and new BikeTrial riders. All members believe that this new approved vision is a very good basis for a return to a fair play and family sport.

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