New Rules EOG 2015

The most important part of the last BIU General Assembly held in Prague the December 06th 2014 was about the implementation of the "New Vision Project" in the new "Technical Rules 2015". We will try now to explain a very important part of the news in this article: The new EOG (Executive Officier Group).

All arguments in the "New vision Project" are important, but someone are specifical and someone are very generical. Some points of the New Vision will be the "Keys" for the others. This points are "philosophical points"; and for this reason they are very important. All BIU Members agree on this points. The Key points are: International Fair Play, International Family Sport, Rules - Natural.

The first question BIU General Assembly asked himself was: How we can implement this concepts ?
How BIU can translate this “keys” in “Rules” ?
We know the Fair Play definition is: Good behavior, following the rules.
We know Family Sport mean: Participation before the competition.
We have been working according to these assumptions.
2) Good behavior.
3) Follow the rules.
4) Participation is before the competition.

This rules will be valid for ALL BikeTrial rules, will be the "Keys" for all concepts. Also for Observers and behavior of Riders in the BikeTrial sections.

International Observer was a very important point of discussion in General Assembly. Like all other points the discussion follow the Key concepts that helped to find the solutions:

Fair Play = GOOD BEHAVIOR = Good Behavior with the Observer.
In fact:
Observers work free for BikeTrial.
Without observers can’t exist BikeTrial competition.
All riders must say "thank you" to the Observers.
BIU must sustain his organizers and his observers.
BECAUSE BIU WANT: PARTICIPATION BEFORE THE COMPETITION. Means Participation = Fair Play = Respect for the observers.

BIU will teach the respect for the observers. Every time.
We know during one Round of WBC usually we have:
Saturday = 8 section x 2 laps x 70 Riders = 1120 Observing
Sunday = 12 section x 2 laps x 70 Riders = 1680 Observing
Total = 2800 Observing. A very big work for the Observers.
Like in all other Sport Observer can do mistake, of course ! But how much good observing was done ? Can be 3 problems during the competition ? Yes, Observers are humans, but this mean 2797 good observing. Very good result! Like in all other Sport Observers are part of the game. They work in Fair Play for the BikeTrial Original Sport. BIU Members will say "thank you Observers" and BIU will promote the maximum respect for them. Every time and without exceptions.

Like in all modern Sport organization the Observers will become from a “Executive Officers Group”. This because people than “create the rules” and people than “apply the rules” are different and also in BikeTrial we need to implement the concept of: “Legislative power, Judicial power, Executive power”. Especially the first (Legislative) must be separate by the second and third.

From 2015 during a BikeTrial competition the “application of the rules” can’t provide by the “Delegates” like in the past. A new entity, with his authonomy in BIU (the new EOG) will have the task to apply the Technical Rules during the competition. During 2015 BikeTrial competition will have a new “body” than “apply the rules” only, the new "Executive Officer Group" totally separated by "BIU Delegates Group".

EOG President will be the BIU President.
BIU Presidium will provide to nominate the EOG Coordinator.
EOG Coordinator will provide to organize the EOG internal rules and works, in according with BIU Presidium.
BIU Presidium will provide to give to EOG the minimal economical resource to build his body.
All EOG Rules will be created in the next 3 months, before April to have time to share all news to the Delegates.



The Jury is the maximum sport’s authority during the Competition.
The Jury is responsible to declare the final sport results and to apply all BIU Rules during the competition.
His judgment is final.
The Jury will be composed of 3 Members.
Jury also coordinate and organize the Observers.

Art. 31     JURY
The Jury is the maximum sport’s authority during the Competition. The Jury is responsible to declare the final sport results and to apply all BIU Rules during the competition; His judgment is final.
The Jury will be composed of 3 Members.
During the International Championships (World and Continentals) and when provided by the Event’s agreement, the Jury must be composed by Members of the “Executive Officers Group”. The names of the Jury Members will be published at least 7 days before the start of the Competition.
Only the Jury can approve the start lists and the official results.
The Jury will not accept any audiovisual proof presented to support a claim (or the opposite could encourage interested chasing of adversaries). The Jury will not accept any claim against another rider. The Members of the Jury at any time must not be involved in discussions and decisions of the observers.
At the end of the competition Jury must send a report to BIU with official results and general report.


The single authority in his section.
Respond exclusively to the Jury.  

Art. 12     OBSERVER
Observer’s responsibilities:
1) The “Observer”, is the maximum authority in the section he/her is observing.
The observer must judge according to the rules. The observer must be neutral and absolutely impartial. The observer must judge all riders in the same way and same manner. If the observer is not sure or is in doubt, the benefit of doubt goes to the rider. The observer must be aged over 18 years old, or more, and must have a license issued by a National Union. During the International Championship the Observer must come from the “Executive Officer Group” (EOG).
2) The observer will be provided with a “count down” mechanism which will make an acoustic sound to signify the end time. Besides this, the observer must advice the riders (approximately) one minute before the finishing time and at 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, in English. The chief observer should not carry the timer in the section.
3) Only the Rider can ask to the Observer. Rider must ask to the Observer only with Fair-Play and good manners.
In the case of an argument or verbal confrontation between a external person and an observer, or in case Rider using bad language, or in any case when the Observer deems it necessary, the Observer will hand out a yellow card, and later, if needed, a red card.
In any case, with a Yellow card, the section must be signed on penalty card with 5 penalty.
In any case, with a Red card, the section must be signed on penalty card with 10 penalty. The Jury will decide if the Rider will be disqualified or penalized with the 10 penalties only.
Three or more yellow card means the disqualification of the Rider. The disqualification will be applied by the Jury during the Jury Meeting.
4)  In case of external disturbance affect the Observer or affect the Rider performances, the Observer can call a “Time Out”. With Time Out the Observer can try to solve the problem of the external disturbance and to find the proper solution.
5) Any use of bad language directed at the observer is not allowed; Independently if become from the Rider, Minder or spectators. Rider will receive penalty also for the behavior of his Minder. About spectators disturbance the Observer have the possibility to use “Time Out” or give penalty to the Rider.
6) The observer, as soon as the event is finished, should go to the event director to report any problems that arose in his section.
8) The observer is responsible for keeping the section in good condition regarding boundary ribbon and section equipment at the completion time of the competition.

BikeTrial Technical Rules 2015 are ready for the presence of the EOG during the Competition, in the next time will be prepare all EOG internal Rules. General Assembly gave to the BIU Presidium mandate to prepare all needed things before next WBC. Will be possible test the new EOG system during European Cup or other International BikeTrial event.

Other news will be published very soon on this web site.

Still in contact with us, still in contact with BikeTrial !