Dear BikeTrial friends,

I return today from Bruxelles where I took part in the "Erasmus+ 2015 Info Day" like BikeTrial International Union representant. BIU was so officially present in this important meeting organized in the headquarter of European Union Commission in Bruxelles the 11 February 2015.

Was a positive experience. Erasmus+ is the new program started from European Community about Sport and youth activities untill the end of 2018. Erasmus+ is focused to help the Sport organization like BIU to promote the good governance in Sports and youth inclusion. A detailed report of the days I will send to all Delegates as soon as possible.

BIU phylosophy is perfectly coherent with European Sport directives like: social inclusion, good governance and contempt of violence.
Was a very positive time to can meet many Sport Organizations and people involved like us in the Sport promotion. I hope this will be a first step for new energy and development for BikeTrial.

Best regards,

Giuliano Gualeni

BIU Organizational Director

Erasmus 2015 02

Erasmus+ 2015 plenary session

Erasmus 2015 01

Erasmus+ 2015 BIU accreditation

Erasmus 2015 03

Erasmus+ 2015, European Commission in Bruxelles