Dear BikeTrial fans and Riders, still four months to the World BikeTrial Championship, but we can publish some fresh news from Odena, Catalunya, where the WBC 2015 will be held in July. BikeTrial Uniò Catalana is on work to prepare this important event, find the best places and best sections for this "week" of BikeTrial that will define the 2015's Champions in each category.

The news about the WBC 2015 will be many; let's discover some:

- The WBC 2015 will be held in 6 days, from the 18 July till the 23 July in Odena, Catalunya.

- Will be 6 competitions: 3 Competitions for B Group (Poussin, Benjamin, Minime, Femine) and 3 Competitions for A Group (Junior, Senior 20, Senior 26, Elite Femine, Elite 20, Elite 26).

- Each competition will be in a different place close to Odena (Maximum 5 km).

- Each competition will have award ceremony.

- B Group will compete the first, third and fifth day (Saturday 18th, Monday 20th, Wednesday 22th July).

- A Group will compete the second, forth and sixth day (Sunday 19th, Tuesday 21th, Thursday 23th July).

- Participation will be open to all BIU licensed Riders in the prefered category. Will be possible for all take part in Senior 20, Senior 26, Elite 20, Elite 26 and Elite Femine for ladies with at least 15 year old.

- The World Champion, in each category, will be who those will have the highest number of points in the end of the 3 competitions, like in the past editions of the WBC.

Attention: dates and days are "unofficial", please wait the "Official WBC 2015 Agenda" for definitive program.

Thank to BikeTrial Catalunya for this news.

More WBC 2015's news very soon !

Some section photos:


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