The City of Rudina, the CYKLOKLUB Rudina, under the auspices of:
•    Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Mr. Robert Fico
•    President of the Žilina Self-Governing Region Mr. JurajBlanár
•    Mayor of Rudina Mrs. Anna Micianová
are ready to host the Second Round of the European BikeTrial Cup 2015 will be held in RUDINA, Slovack Republic, the 06th of June 2015.

Director of the race: Hmira Justin ( p. number. +421 908 438 874 )
Info: Hlavatý Radovan ( p. number +421907 557 547 )
Technical officer: Slávik Stanislav
Assistant secretary: Michal Jendrišák
Race officer: Hlavatý Radovan, Jakubcík Peter st., Kvašnovský Adriánst.
Chronoscope + calculation of results: Hlavatá Erika st., CepcováMirka, Cepcová Monika, Jakubcíková Beáta, Jakubcík Peter ml.


Each rider will get free meal ( + snacks).

The first three riders in each category will be rewarded with material prizes.

Poussin, Promesa a junior 1.-4.year, bicross 1.-4. Year ''all will be rewarded.

The first three riders will receive a transport ALLOWANCE from the organizer (20/26 elite, elite femine).

Allowance for competitors in amount of € 690 will be provided by JánHulík'Autobazár H&H eus.r.o.

- have to be sent no later than 31.5.2015, after this date the entry fee will be increased by 5,00 €
- applications must include name, age of the racer and category    
- Phone number: +421 907 557 547, Hlavatý Radovan
- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- (just text a message or call)
- Need licenses under the current rules of BIU.
- Riders from countries that are not represented at BIU can apply for a single license ( € 75 for Elite 20/26 or Femina and € 20 for all others
category) right before the race, under the conditions of BIU. For the ONE DAY License write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entry fee: mentioned in Agenda (from 10€ to 20€).
Protests: Protests will be given to the director of the race in written form by races within 30 min after the last racer on one of the dispute. Deposit for protest is 16,60 €.
Health security: paramedic (ambulance).
Refunds: Promoter makes no refunds. Competitor riders participating in the race at thier own risk!  The organizer accepts no responsibility for damages.


7:30 - 8:45 Licensing and tech. inspection  for categories : Poussin, Benjamin, Minime, VB, VZ, VM, Promesa,  primary school students
7:30 - 12:45 Licensing and tech. inspection  for categories: Junior, Senior, Elite
8:55 Debate with racers: Poussin, Benjamin, Minime, VB, VZ, VM, Promesa, primary school students
9:00 Start: Poussin, Benjamin, Minime, VB, VZ, VM, Promesa,   primary schol students
(TIME FOR THE RACE = 210 min.)
12:55 Debate with racers: Junior, Senior, Elite
13:00 Start: Junior, Senior, Elite (TIME FOR THE RACE = 210 min.)
16:30 Presentation of rescue dogs


Special caution

The organizer reserves the right to change the timetable in case of bad weather, low participation riders, etc.
The holders of national and international licenses BIU are allowed to start first in official categories. Foreign drivers must hold a national or international license and sign the affidavit. I recommend you choose European Health insured person or insurance medical expenses for SR for the day.

Competitive bike must comply with BIU Technical Rules. Unlicensed riders can have any bike in good condition and with functioning brakes. Furthermore, the helmet must be properly fastened on head. Viewers can watch the race at their own risk and also they are responsible for their children.


•    Kaviaren Centrál Rudina (+421 904 417 227, Peter)