WBC 2015 B R2

The World BikeTrial Championship 2015 will be a very great experience for the future of our Sport. 6 days of competition will be the University of the BikeTrial, foundet it in Òdena during this week. A great experience that will be begin of a new era in this Sport. The fourt day see in action the young Riders of the B Group. Sections was very good and selective. All Riders will take a lot of experience from this event, in all the categories. Joshua Mc Parland from United Kingdom in Poussin, Veprek Tomas from Czech Republic in Benjamin, Donate Casilla Laura from Catalunya in Femine and Montalvo Milla Alejandro from Spain are the winners today.

The last round of this amazing World BikeTrial Championship will be the 23 July 2015 when will be nominated the final winner of the challenge.

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