Swedish BikeTrial Championship 2015 Elite

Thanks to our National federation ‘MHF-Ungdom’ we have been able to accomplish another season of the Swedish BikeTrial Championship. The season is over and we can summarize the results. Because we have an open Championship we are very pleased to see that we have had a very high level of competitors taking part this year, just like 2013 and 2014, especially in Elite category where we have had competitors from France, Latvia, Finland and Denmark.

Before the season started we had a well organized training camp that was arranged by ‘Hawkhills MHF-Ungdom’. It was held in Varberg, on the rocks along the coast and most of the Swedish riders were there. Two days of intensive training made a good start for the coming season.
The season started in May and ended up in September. There have been 4 parts in the National BikeTrial Championship, first and second race was held in Björkvik, 3rd and 4th race was in Laholm. Like last year there have also been several Finnish and Danish riders taking part in the competitions. In Elite category Joacim Nymann won his second championship, in 2nd place was Tobias Hult and 3rd was Alexander Carlsson, it was his first podium in overall standings. The girls are doing well, two of them compete in category A, Nadine Kåmark and Simone Rishede, and one in the beginners category, Ella Henningsson. They all compete together with the boys.
In total approximately 60 riders have been riding one or more competitions.

Approximately 15 Swedish riders have been taking part in different international competitions, WBC, France and Denmark.

Swedish BikeTrial Championship 2015 - Results:

Swedish BikeTrial Championship / Elite category:
1 Joacim Nymann, Partille
2 Tobias Hult, Biketrial Sörmland
3 Alexander Carlsson, Hawkhills

Swedish Junior BikeTrial Championship / Category A (<18 years):
1 Tore Andersen, Denmark
2 Erik Hult, Biketrial Sörmland
3 Markus Peura, Finland

Biketrialsweden Cup - Category A (>18 years):
1 Olli Sinivaara, Finland
2 Nadine Kåmark, Partille
3 -

Biketrialsweden Cup - Category B:
1 Gustav Jensen, Denmark
2 Mikkel Hansen, Denmark
3 Samuli Peura, Finland

Biketrialsweden Cup - Category C:
1 Tobias Juul Sjögren, Denmark
2 Colin Åkermark, Partille
3 Axel Danielsson, Biketrial Sörmland

Biketrialsweden Cup - Category N:
1 Emil Johnson, Biketrial Sörmland
2 Felix Englund, Biketrial Sörmland
3 Jonathan Bylund, Hawkhills


Ms. Anna Hult BikeTrial Delegate in Sweden