BIU Calendar 2016 Draft

Dear BikeTrial friends, we can publish the second version of the International BikeTrial calendar 2016. This version is unofficial but will be possible to have the definive version in a short time, probably before the 15 December.

The first news for the next season is the very welcome return in the United Kingdom after six years. Many thanks to Mr. Robin Morewood, BikeTrial Federation, ACU and all friends from England for the competition of European Cup.

Also the World BikeTrial Championship 2016 is confirmed in Czech Republic and will be during an amazing week in the beautifull Moravian Region. Great thanks to Mr. Radim Kakac, CMF and all Czech Team for the WBC 2016.

European BikeTrial Championship 2016 and World BikeTrial Indoor Cup 2016 still to define before the end of December.

Date  Place Organizer Event Notes
 15th May 2016  Elton, near Bakewell, UNITED KINGDOM  ACU - BikeTrial Federation UK  European Cup 2016  confirmed
 18th June 2016  Bolotana, Sardinia, ITALY  UISP - BikeTrial Italia  European Championship 2016  confirmed
 08th - 13th August 2016  Moravia, CZECH REPUBLIC  CMF - BikeTrial Czech  World BikeTrial Championship 2016  confirmed
03rd September 2016  Retz, AUSTRIA  CMF - BikeTrial Czech  European Cup 2016  to confirm
 20th September 2016  Barcelona, Catalunya  BikeTrial Union Catalunya  World BikeTrial Indoor Cup 2016  confirmed


Candidature for BikeTrial international events still open for European Cup only. Thank to all the Organizers and BIU Members for his effort for the next season.

Enjoy BikeTrial !