The 28 April 2016 in Aigle, Switzerland, in the UCI headquarter was held a meeting between BikeTrial International Union and the major representatives of the Trials cycling discipline.
Attendants at the meeting was:
Mr. Peter Van Den Abeele - UCI Deputy Director of Sports, Head of Off-Road
Mr. Dani Parramont - UCI Trials Coordinator
Mr. Peter Fish - President UCI Trials Commission
Mr. Josep Abant - President of BikeTrial Technical Group
Mr. Giuliano Gualeni - BIU General Secretary, BikeTrial Sport Organizer.
The meeting was summoned by the Union Cyclist Internationale about UCI - BIU relationship, current situation and future. Discussion was very constructive with many covered topics. Both participants agreed to renew the meeting in a short future, and UCI representatives was invited in Blansko for the 25th World BikeTrial Championship the first week of August.
Thank to UCI for the hospitality and the courtesy. We hope to meet Trials representatives during the upcoming BikeTrial's season 2016.

Giuliano Gualeni

UCI BIU Meeting 2016

Josep Abant, Peter Fisch, Peter Vad Den Abeele, Dani Parramont, Giuliano Gualeni