EBC 2016 ResultsThis year 2016 the beautiful wood of Ortachis (Bolotana, Sardinia) hosted us for the European BikeTrial Championship 2016.
The volunteers of Moto Club Palai from Bolotana placed 9 sections for group A and 7 for group B spread in 2 laps in this perfect and natural setting for BikeTrial.
Technically, sections were based on a number of arrowed gates having the ribbon for the external part of section. This resulted in technically good sections which were a little bit long, so just one 5 could be decisive for the final result and avoiding big errors was the key to get the result.


In the Poussin category won Veprek Vojtech, followed by Fusalba Joan and Hribek Vojtech. A 5 for Fusalba and Hribek was fatal for the victory.

In the Benjamin won Bentiez Nil, followed by McParland Joshua and Sabacek Dominik.
In Femine category Pecinkova Alzbeta won with 16 penalty, followed by Hribkova Eliska and Antlova Iva. Alzbeta showed a really good riding for her age.


EBC 2016 AdamIn the Minime won Adam Morewood, followed by Marek Pochtiol and Seymour Reece. Adam closed the race with 0 penalties. This is an incredible result and also Marek managed to close with just 6 penalties. In any case we'll hear a lot about both of them in the next years.

In the new Major category won the Italian rider Tarchi Federico. This category is new and is reserved to all riders over 35 years old. We hope this category will be attractive to those "older" riders who still don't want to leave their bike in a garage and want to have fun doing BikeTrial. Major riders run in blue sections like minime category. This category is not awarded European Champion title but the first three riders are awarded at the end of the race.

In Junior won Martin Stepanek, followed by Hlavka Marek and Ackerley William. Also here Stepanek won without doing any 5.

Big fight in Senior 20 resulting in a victory for Pavel Prochazka with 8 penalties, followed by Luca Tombini with 9 and Matej Popelka with 9 as well getting the third place for time! Pavel managed to avoid any 5 during the whole race.

In the Senior 26 won Kriz Tadeas, second Fisher Robert, and George Stephan.

Gemma Abant won the Elite Femina just with 16 penalties. This was a fantastic result for Gemma as the orange sections were very close to the red ones.

Ben Savage is BikeTrial European Champion in Elite 26 with a very good style on his 26 inch bike. 

In the category Elite 20 the European BikeTrial Champion 2016 is Vashek Kolar who closed the race with 6 penalites, second place for Martin Kakac. The smooth riding and the precision of Vashek were perfectly suitable  for this type of sections.

EBC 2016 BolotanaA huge thanks goes to the Moto Club Palai whose volunteers did a great job before and during the race, also in providing a structure and a restaurant. All these efforts made the location perfect for the race. The after race was fun as usual for BIU races with Sardinian food, music and buzz till the morning.

Last but not least, I would like to point out that sadly there wasn't a great number of riders at the Championship, also from the Italian side which was rather surprising. I wouldn't expect to have just 5 of them. As for the foreign riders, probably the location was too distant for some riders. It is a pity and moreover, a missed occasion to enjoy a really good race, welcoming Sardinian staff and the BikeTrial family.
The next international appointment is the World Championship in Blansko (CZ) - 8th to 13th of August. See you there!

Federico T, Italy


PHOTO GALLERY by Claudio Tombini