EBC 2016 Morgan DriessenWe had a very good European Championship 2016 in Sardinia. It was risky to make an event in an island where is a little bit complicated transport but in the other hand it is a beautiful place for spending free time for families. A lot of them enjoyed Sardinian nature, sea, cuisine and people for days as a family holiday. It is also what is BikeTrial about.
We had 42 riders from 7 countries. We have to analyze what was reason for a lower participation of riders

There is not only one reason.

Is it a general trend people do not want to try so hard and travel a long distance for sport activities? Or is it connected with a low economy in Europe and losing enthusiasm? Or is it a topic we can affect ourselves?
Can it be traveling mixed with to high difficulty of sections for beginners? We have got only 5 riders from organizing country although Italian championship has more than 40 riders attendance.
We also talked with our national delegates that it can be our image.
Top riders want to participate in an event made by a giant organization. Looks like our prestige has decreased?
How can we improve it?

Last 25 years, we have made World championship every year with a high level as well as World cups; we have made 10 European championships in different countries; we have made about 30 international events as the European Cups; we have awarded our best riders by more than 1.000 cups; there is more than 20 new organizers around Europe we have worked with and all of them made a good job for BikeTrial riders and families. BIU is a legal international organization with its own financial budget with a democratic election and working Presidium.

Libor MusilCan we have an image as a small comparing to UCI but is it even possible to compare BIU and UCI? BIU is completely another type of union. We are non-profit organization.

We also talked with our delegates and riders and they feel a pressure from the UCI. There are evidenced activities against to admittance of riders in BIU events because of some personal restrictions for riders from UCI.
We have to check this situation carefully because these activities can be done against to European and human low. Nobody can forbid somebody to do another sports especially organized by a legal international organization with 25 years long history and according to well arranged international rules.
It can look like a war between UCI and BIU about ccc 250 riders around the world. It is crazy.
We have no restriction to our riders to do any other sport and we welcome they can experience from another type of riding.Almost all top UCI riders has grown by BikeTrial. We really appreciate those who are riding as a top BIU rider as it is famous world champions Vaclav Kolar, Ben Savage, Abel Mustielles sisters Abant...They are the best example for young riders and we appreciate it very much.

Is destroying of the BIU the reason of this war?

Who wants to have only one organization and why?
What can be a profit?
What can be a lost?

…an original BikeTrial family atmosphere; natural sections; long events for everybody; original BikeTrial rules; world and continental titles for riders in all categories and special care of young riders; many experienced organizers we are connected with and connection to motorcycling community where BikeTrial was born. We are not cycling. We are original sport. Only BIU can award the BikeTrial champions! BikeTrial is our sport. 

Who will profit from this war?

Riders? Evidently no.
Atmosphere where a Goliath organization wants to destroy another one by using young riders for their particular interest is not good and making riders confused.
We hope we can avoid this situation and we are determined to do it.

Thanks to Sardinian organizer we have got a great European championship and it was nice seeing too many happy young people after competition.
We have new European BikeTrial champions for 2016 year. Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all participants and especially to Sardinian organizer.

We are looking forward to WBC 2016 in Blansko now. It is going to be a world BikeTrial festival.

See you there. 

Libor Musil BIU Vice President