WBC 2016 Logo 340Dear BikeTrial friends, you can download here the Official Agenda of the World BikeTrial Championship 2016 which will be organized in Blansko from the 08 till the 13 August 2016. In Agenda you can find all needed information about the WBC 2016, contact soon you National Delegate to can take part in the 25th edition of the World BikeTrial Championship.

As tested past year in Catalunya the WBC 2016 will be organized in "one week only". This allow you and your Team to stay in one place only during the whole WBC. This will help you the participation and do not forget the free Camping. All services as Restaurant, toilet, showers will be available for you free of charge. Think to compete only, BikeTrial is open to all people!

We wait you, your Team and families in Blansko for the World BikeTrial Championship.

Do not miss the WBC 2016!