Less than a week to the first competition of the World BikeTrial Championship 2016. The 08th August will start the 25th edition of the WBC and Blansko City is ready to host this special event.Raul Gutierrez 2

But there will be also another very special anniversary during this week. In Blansko, with the bike number 3, will compete his 20th World BikeTrial Championship Mr. Raul Gutierrez from Spain. Twenty editions of the most hard BikeTrial competition in the World are tattooed under the skin of this indestructible Rider from Spain. Come in Blansko to know Raul and look at him riding on Elite section with perfect style.

20 years of experience for the Riders Raul Gutierrez Garcia, the "Lion from Reinosa" in Cantabria, Spain, are a good example of passion and love for this Sport; a good example for many young Riders which will be presents in Blansko from the 08 to the 13 August 2016. 

Reinosa was the place for the last round of the Spanish BikeTrial Championship where Raul gain another great succes, of his enivable sport career, with the first place in Elite category. All Elite riders know how much is dangerous Raul, always followed from his minder Eric, on natural sections and his capacity to stay concentrate till the last second of the last section.

Thank Raul for your effort and passion: We wait you in the 25th edition of the WBC to celebrate togheter this amazing anniversary.

Let's go to Blansko to meet Raul and all the most strong BikeTrial Riders from all over the World.