WBC 2017 Vasha

The 26th edition of the World BikeTrial Championship is over and we can report about this amazing event held in Pujalt, Catalunya, from the 13th August to the 18th August 2017.

It's absolutely not possible talk about this event without mentioning the tragic facts that took place in Barcelona the 17th August 2017: BikeTrial deplores and accuses all forms of violence, we also feel great sorrow for all victims and all families who were wounded.

The WBC 2017 was organized by BikeTrial Union Catalunya and OCI Sport in two different competitions for Group B (Poussin, Benjamin, Femine, MInime, Major) and two different competitions for Group A (Junior, Senior, Elite); four event during the week with a day of party and relax under the hot sun of Catalunya. A whole week for competitions and unforgettable holiday in the cradle of BikeTrial.

The first competition for Group B and Group A was organized in the forest close to the "Memorial of Civil war", a special place where was possible see the structures build from soldiers during the Spanish civil war. Sections was very technical and slippery a perfect "natural style" needed for BikeTrial World Championship, in this type of secitons is needed a perfect driving technic to get a good result. Congratulations to all Riders for their performance in this very hard competition. Grass, stone and sand was the ground of all sections with guided steps where was necessary precision and lightness. Thank to the organizer for this good job. 

The second competition for Group B and Group A was organized in "La Cantera", the local stone quarry where the sections change completely style: Passage more defined and high, more jumps and obstacles all on local limestone with some dizzying descents! Really a big difference with some "Pac-Man" style sections that we can see in other Sports. This was really sections for "BikeTrial Riders", thank to the Organizer to give us the possibility to enjoy the real BikeTrial riding also for this second competition.
Last part of Group A competition was in the town of Pujalt with 3 artificial sections build to favorit the good TV service by ESport 3.

Is not easy to report you all emotions and experiences lived during this week, 4 different competitions, perfect camping with great hospitality service with local cuisine, 2 evenings with free meal for all riders and families, Rock concerts, fires games, cultural meeting at local astronomical observatory, push bike and free swiming pool for all: Impossible to ask more! We think Pujalt remember to all Riders a very important thing: "BikeTrial is not only a competition; BikeTrial is experiences".

Thank to the Organizers, to all voluntary, to the City of Pujalt, to Spanish and Catalan people than made possible this experience: Thank for everything!


Group B - Day 1 - 14th August 2017

Group A - Day 1 - 15th August 2017

Group B - Day 2 - 17th August 2017

Group A - Day 2 - 18th August 2017

Photo Gallery: Group B - DAY 1

Photo Gallery: Group A - DAY 2