BikeTrial European Cup 2018 is ready to start in Rudinskà (new location) the 28th April 2018, let's go to know the first EC 2018's news.

Organizer of the first round of European BikeTrial Cup 2018, SlovTrial Team 1977, communicate to be obliged for "force majeure" to move the competition from Terchova to Rudinskà, in the same Region, 30 Km from original place. Organizer take decision to move after the orginal place was badly affected by severe storm with more than 1500 trees that fallen. 

The competition will be held in the same date: Saturday 28th April 2018. In Rudinskà was held many Nationals BikeTrial competitions in the past and will be the perfect place for the first round of European BikeTrial Cup 2018.

Official AGENDA will be ready in some days. 

Contact your National delegate to take part in the competition or write directly to BIU for the informations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

You can see here some photo from BikeTrial Slovakian Championship in Rudinska 2011


Slovakian BikeTrial championship in Rudinskà 2011. 


Storm affect in Terchova, original competition place. 

terchova 2018 flood