Euopean Cup 2018 Logo TerchovaThe first round of the European BikeTrial Cup 2018 will be in Terchova, Slovakia the 28th April 2018.

The place of Terchova was theater of many BikeTrial events in the past and the Organizer confirm the possibility to have the event in this place (after the news about the new location during past week). Terchova is a special place with very important natural actractives, the perfect place for BikeTrial. The competition will be 100% natural. 

Some days ago we received notice from the organizer, SlovTrial Team 1977, about a new location for the event (Rudinska), but the competition is confirmed in the Original location: Terchova. The problem about the severe storm in Terchova are partially solved and will be possible compete in this place. We will publish many new about this event in the next days. Contact you National Delegate to can take part in the event. 



TERCHOVA: European BikeTrial Championship 2007

TERCHOVA: European BikeTrial Championship 2004