The European BikeTrial Championship 2018 was held on Saturday the 2nd of June In the excellent setting (as usual) of Brezova in the Czech Republic . Brezova is possibly the most "historical" location for BikeTrial. It is the last remaining of those who organized the World Championship since our sport was still called Trialsin. From those days until today the crew of Brezova have organized 6 (six) World Championships and an extraordinary number of national and international competitions. And also this time nothing was missing.

The organization was perfect. Two observers per section. Renewed podium area with permanent "amphitheater" tribunes, offices for the race direction and marquee for refreshments. The FREE camping was settled next to the schools. We will always remember how this aspect can reduce costs for the participants. Many, many thanks to the major of Brezova Mr. Bouda, the Czech delegate of BIU Mr. Pavlik and all the volunteers who made this event possible.

The race took place in the wood next to the town with five natural sections (stones) and three artificial areas in the centre of the town. Two on logs and one on pallets and coils.
One day race with presentation of the teams in the morning before the start and award ceremony at the end of the race. The level of the sections was perfect for this event. The penalties also confirms this. It also never rained, so everyone could enjoy the race at the best. In the end everyone had fun, which is really what matters.
About sixty riders from eleven nations competed. This number is in line with the past years.

Here the podiums of all categories:

1. Vaclav Kolar (CZ). 1 pt.
2. Nicolas Fleury (FR). 13 pt.
3. Arvis Dermaks (LV). 14 pt.

1. Karel Brambora (CZ). 19 pt.
2. Tomas Zedek (CZ). 24 pt.
3. Marek Hlavka (CZ). 30 pt.

1. Marek Pochtiol (CZ). 21 pt.
2. Ondrej Krupcik (CZ). 52 pt.
3. Petr Mokry (CZ). 63 pt.

1. Albzeta Pechinkova (CZ). 4 pt.
2. Eliska Hribkova (CZ). 17 pt.
3. Iva Antlova (CZ). 43 pt.

1. Diego Crescenzi (IT). 0 pt.
2. Tomas Veprek (CZ). 6 pt.
3. Andrej Galovic (SK). 9 pt.

1. Joshua McParland (UK). 11 pt.
2. Jakub Mudra (SK). 12 pt.
3. Denisa Pechinkova (CZ). 15 pt.

1. Roberts Andersmiths (LV). 8 pt.
2. Vaclav Kolar (CZ). 12 pt.
3. Stepanka Mudrychova (CZ). 22 pt.

1. Lukas Burianek (CZ). 7 pt.
2. David Budsky (CZ). 10 pt.
3. Jan Vild (CZ). 38 pt.

Brezova 2018

The next international event is the World BikeTrial Championship in Bolotana, Sardinia, Italy, on 10th, 11th and 12th of August.

We’ll be there. Don’t miss it!