WBC 2018 observer list

Here available the list of the World BikeTrial Championship 2018 Observers and Jury members. Organizer will be Bike Club Bolotana A.S.D. the place will be Ortachis forest in Bolotana, Sardinia, Italy. 

Many thanks in advance to all the volunteers who are and will be on work for this event. You can see here above the list of the Observers and Jury: 

WBC 2018 Official Observers 

n Group Observer Nation  
1 A Mr. Chevalier Jean-luc France France
2 A Mr. Iacoponi Massimo  Italy Italy
3 A + B Mr. Brambora Karel sn Italy Czech Republic
4 A + B Ms. Giovanna Mameli Italy Italy
5  A + B Mr. Herka Josep Czech Republic Czech Republic
6  A + B Mr. Antl Zdenek Czech Republic Czech Republic
7  A + B Ms. Pavlikova Jaroslava Czech Republic Czech Republic
8 A + B  Mr. Pavlik Michal Czech Republic Czech Republic
9  A + B Mr. Davide Mameli Italy Italy
10 A + B Mr. Simone Deriu Italy Italy

WBC 2018 Jury

n Group Jury Member Nation  
1 A + B Mr. Hiroshi Hirano Japan Japan
2 A + B Mr. Jean Luc-chevalier France France
3 A + B Mr. Giuliano Gualeni Italy Italy