Dear BikeTrial friends, after long job with the new enthusiast group in Catalunya and Spain (very special thank to Mr. Jordi Casablanca and Mr. Raul Gutierrez for his work) we can talk about the new BikeTrial season 2020.

In some days we will officialize the definitive BikeTrial calendar 2020 with more details on date and official AGENDA, but now is possible show you this first draft of BikeTrial calendar 2020.
During this time BikeTrial Delegate will avoid to authorize National competitions. 

All details coming soon ! 

World BikeTrial Indoor Championship 2020 in Torrelavega, Spain, the 4th April 2020, organized by BikeTrial Spain. New Championship open to Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class F - DELETED

- European BikeTrial Championship 2020 in Castelloli, Catalunya the 12 and 13 June 2020, organized by Mr. Jordi Casablanca. 

- World BikeTrial Championshiop 2020 in Reinosa, Spain, from 10 to 16 August 2020, organized by Mr. Raul Gutierrez.

Thank to Jordi and Raul for his effort. It's a dream to know Spain and Catalunya return great again in BikeTrial: Thank you very much!

Let's go to prepare this amazing new BikeTrial season togheter !
Keep in touch,
Giuliano Gualeni

biu calendar 2020